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Women Seeking Wellness

Dr. Stephanie Maj is a chiropractor, author, podcast host, international speaker and has been in practice over 20 years! Click here to visit her clinic website

Nov 1, 2016

Dr. Heather opens up about her family and how she was lead to become a wellness expert.

What is WELLFITandFED and the products associated? - Carefully composed articles on fitness, nutrition and wellness, Individual "Best Life- By Design" consulting for overall wellness, online store of curated products that are tried and true. 

The Three Day Reset is a her brain child that is easily doable by anyone. Three days a week to focus on clean, organic, well sourced food. ANYONE can eat clean like this. Her guide has shopping lists, cooking tips and sets you up to succeed. GREAT way to get on track before the holiday.

44222 the message THREEDAYRESET no spaces and you will receive the digital copy of Dr. Heather’s Three Day Reset, delivered right to your inbox.


Dr. Heather is a seasoned chiropractor with specializations in pediatrics, pregnancy and a certification in wellness chiropractic (CCWP). She is the owner of First Five Consulting, a consulting group that ignites passion and inspires first steps in chiropractors during their launch years of practice. She has also authored THE THREE DAY RESET a three-day transformation food plan that is completely doable. She is a national speaker, an avid athlete, health enthusiast and creator of WELLFITandFED an online health and fitness blog. For further information you can always find her at

To learn more about Dr. Maj, text to the number:  44222 the message YOUCANBEWELL no spaces and you will receive the digital copy of her book delivered right to your inbox.