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Women Seeking Wellness

Dr. Stephanie Maj is a chiropractor, author, podcast host, international speaker and has been in practice over 20 years! Click here to visit her clinic website

Jun 13, 2016

Vivian shares her near-death experience that lead her to develop Love.Be.Human. Dr. Steph and her discuss the reasons why we are put on this earth and how creativity leads them to the answer.


This either-or mentality needs to change to YES-AND! To start…SLOW DOWN! Reach out from your senses, each one. Slowly. Allow yourself to BE. Tune in enough to not let the fear move you. Don’t be in a hurry. Take a nap, get a glass of water, put your hand on your heart for that 5 seconds of space.


Text to the number:  44222 the message LOVEBEINGHUMAN no spaces and you will receive the Vivian’s GIFT delivered right to your inbox.



Vivian Carrasco, Ed.D is a mentor and teacher who helps people explore the path of living fully – what she calls Love.Being.Human™. She works with people who are learning to let go of their mind’s fears and live from their core.

Vivian is an enthusiastic and sometimes unexpected teacher that delights audiences by getting to the heart of what they’re experiencing in their day-to-day lives. She’s available for interviews, speaking engagements and guest contributions.

Key themes that Vivian addresses in her work and on stage include:

  • Relationships and fostering our sense of belonging
    • How-to be present through meditation and other contemplative practices
    • Living a spiritual life by unearthing personal truth, insight and knowing
    • The path of self-awareness, integrity and personal transformation

You can contact Vivian at


To learn more about Dr. Maj, text to the number:  44222 the message YOUCANBEWELL no spaces and you will receive the digital copy of her book delivered right to your inbox.


You Can Be Well, too!
Dr. Stephanie Maj
Women Seeking Wellness