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Women Seeking Wellness

Dr. Stephanie Maj is a chiropractor, author, podcast host, international speaker and has been in practice over 20 years! Click here to visit her clinic website

Aug 17, 2019

Teaching women to feel empowered with their body and food. The answers are within you

to reprioritize themselves so they can choose to be happy! 



As a holistic health coach, my passion is supporting my clients, to heal their relationships with eating, food and their body. To learn to reprioritize themselves, and step into themselves in a bigger way. 


There's a lot of frustration women feel at knowing what do but not quite being able to do it, and some of my clients are not sure what to do to get results.  I’m the guide, I work lovingly, supporting, inspiring, and creating a judgement free experience, challenging them to reach their goals! Which get set in the beginning of our work together. 


My mission & philosophy: With incremental changes one can create a life time of change. I believe eating well (and living well!) is about changing your lifestyle—not dieting. When you have a confident, compassionate relationship with your body, everything that follows, is positive and healing.


As a health Coach, and educator I focus on a holistic approach. Including working with one’s mindset, because one’s thinking effects their emotional and physical body. 


I’ve a background in Yoga, teaching since 2001, and about 30 years of a personal practice, as well as aromatherapy. I’ve a passion for the power of scent and how essential oils enhance ones well-being. I enjoy teaching others how to use Essential Oils to experience greater harmony in their busy life. 


Plus my time in social work school and my personal spiritual practice aid my ability to provide a safe non-judgmental, nurturing space. 



Healthy Living & Lifestyle Coach



To ask Dr. Steph a question, call 708.808.6250 and you will hear your answer on one of our episodes.


To make an appointment, call  773.528.8485 or go to

1442 W. Belmont Ave., 1E Chicago, IL 60657


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