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Women Seeking Wellness

Dr. Stephanie Maj is a chiropractor, author, podcast host, international speaker and has been in practice over 20 years! Click here to visit her clinic website

Feb 7, 2017

How can we be at home in our own bodies after trauma? How do we do our part with yoga to build a healthier society? Yoga Service Counsel & the Omega Institute: Yoga for recovery – in Cook County jail. Yoga in schools. Yoga for veterans.

So many things you can do that can help heal the mind body and help release the negativity of trauma. Yoga helps get you back in your body. Trauma sensitive yoga.


Carol Horton, Ph.D., is the author of Yoga Ph.D.: Integrating the Life of the Mind and the Wisdom of the Body (2012) and Race and the Making of American Liberalism (2005). She served as the lead editor of 21st Century Yoga: Culture, Politics, and Practice (2012) and Best Practices for Yoga with Veterans (2016). Currently, she is editing Best Practices for Yoga in the Criminal Justice System (forthcoming 2017). Carol serves as Vice President of the Yoga Service Council, and was a co-founder of Chicago’s Socially Engaged Yoga Network (SEYN). A Certified Forrest Yoga teacher, Carol has taught yoga in Cook County Jail, a drop-in center for homeless women, a residential foster care facility, a community health center, and several studios in Chicago. A former college professor, Carol holds a doctorate in political science from the University of Chicago. For more information, visit her website,

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