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Women Seeking Wellness

Dr. Stephanie Maj is a chiropractor, author, podcast host, international speaker and has been in practice over 20 years! Click here to visit her clinic website

Aug 15, 2016

This conversation leads us to the culmination of steps and nuts and bolts actions to lead the listeners to their own inner north star.

Quote of the episode: Everything has a process: Remove, Restore & Replenish!

To receive Michelle’s book, text to the number:  44222 the message 11LESSONS no spaces and you will receive the digital copy of her book delivered right to your inbox.


Life is so much richer when you love what you do and do what you love, each and every day.  Finding and pursuing your passion can be a tremendous challenge and many have no idea where to begin.

What’s more, pursuing your passion takes courage! For many, that pursuit means abandoning the status quo and embarking upon a journey that will lead you down a new, unfamiliar path.

That’s precisely where Inner North Star can help! Inner North Star is a place where you can find inspiration and motivation as you work to find the courage, guidance and willpower required to pursue your passions.

The pursuit of passion requires one to look deep within. You must reconnect with your inner guide; the voice that will imbue you with the strength required to succeed!

Inner North Star was established by Michelle Dutro, who is no stranger to pursuing her dreams. “Nothing should hold a person back from doing whatever it is they want to do”.

A military veteran, Michelle joined the fire department at age 35, despite her petite 5-foot-4 frame. The fact that most firefighters are men didn’t bother Michelle. She was determined to pursue her dreams, which now include helping others to do the same.  Michelle also spent 15 years working in the field of preventative medicine — an experience that has spurred her to emphasize the importance of good health as she works to inspire and motivate others to pursue their passions in life.

“If you don’t have your health, you won’t have the stamina to go the distance. Your overall health and well-being are extremely important. Your wellness plays a tremendous role as you work to reach your goals”.


To learn more about Dr. Maj, text to the number:  44222 the message YOUCANBEWELL no spaces and you will receive the digital copy of her book delivered right to your inbox.